Rules and Regulations

Curfew is 11 PM from Sunday to Friday and Midnight on Saturday

1. Speed limit is 5 KM/H (from St-Philippe road to the lake).

2. The Beach/Lake is UNSUPERVISED, SWIMMING AT YOUR OWN RISK; children under 12 years old must be accompanied by a person of at least 16 years old.

3. Absolutely no glass containers are permitted in the street and public areas.

4. If you are on a 3-service lot you must open all traps upon arrival to prevent over-spillage.

5. It is your responsibility to place your small garbage bag in the dumpster.

6. THE GATE IS ALWAYS CLOSED: An access card is required to get in and out of the camping ground. We will provide an access card at your arrival and take your credit card number as a guarantee that you will return the card before leaving. The card can be deposited in the dropbox or can be returned to the office. If you forget we will take $20 dollars from your credit card. If you don’t have an access card please do not block the gates.

7. One vehicle per lot, the vehicle must have the bumper to the road.

8. It is prohibited to circulate with your vehicle within the campground.

9. Dogs & Cats are permitted however they must always be kept on a leash. Please pick up the poop on the spot. No barking will be tolerated.

10. Electric vehicles of all kinds are not permitted. i.e.: electrical or gas scooters.

11. When the street lights are on, no bicycles are permitted on the streets.

12. It is strictly prohibited to harm our trees. You will be expelled without reimbursement.

13. Your visitors must park their vehicle in the front visitors parking lot, they must register at the office and pay the appropriate fee upon arrival. You are responsible for their actions. They must leave by curfew.

14. Loud noise is prohibited, please respect your neighbors.

15. Drugs are strictly prohibited, you will be expelled without reimbursement.

16. No reimbursement for an earlier departure.

17. We reserve the right to expel whoever does not abide by the regulations and without reimbursement.

Being civil is easy when you put your heart to it
Thank you for your collaboration.
Luc and Carole