1. Protecting Your Personal Information

The Camping St-Polycarpe team (“Camping St-Polycarpe”) understands the importance of protecting the privacy of its customers and is committed to respecting your right to protect your personal information. This policy explains the kind of personal information that is collected, its use and the context of its disclosure.

Please note that Camping St-Polycarpe reserves the right to modify this Privacy and Personal Information Policy at its complete discretion and without prior notice. It is your responsibility to consult the terms of the Privacy and Personal Information Policy and review any sporadic changes. The collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information shall be governed by the active Privacy and Personal Information Policy, that is to say, the version that is displayed on the Camping St-Polycarpe website, on any given date.

Please also note that the present Policy regarding the privacy of Camping St-Polycarpe is an integral part of the Site’s Terms and Conditions of Use, the contents of which may be viewed by visiting the following link: TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE.

2. What is Personal Information?

Personal information includes factual or subjective information about an identifiable individual. However, it does not include business coordinates if these coordinates are used to communicate with an individual about their job, occupation or profession.

3. Consent

Subject to limited exceptions, Camping St-Polycarpe must have your consent for the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information. This consent can be express or implied. It must also be valid, that is to say, you must understand the nature, aim, and repercussions of the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information. Consent can be given verbally, in writing, electronically, or through a person acting on your behalf, such as a representative or signing officer that has been duly authorized for that purpose. Express consent is generally given when you fill out and sign an agreement, request, or application form that you submit to Camping St-Polycarpe. Implicit consent occurs when Camping St-Polycarpe can reasonably conclude that you are in agreement as a result of any action or inaction on your part, or by circumstance.

Be advised that your use of the Site confirms that you have reached the age of majority in your place of residence, or that you are duly authorized by your parent or legal guardian and confirms that you implicitly agree that your personal information may be used in accordance with the terms of this Privacy and Personal Information Policy.

4. Collection of Information

Camping St-Polycarpe limits the collection of personal information to what is necessary for the purposes outlined in this policy. When a reservation is made via the website, certain pieces of personal information must be provided, such as your name, phone number, e-mail address, home address, type of equipment and applicable date for the reservation.

It is not secure to share your payment information, including credit card numbers, by e-mail, SMS or social media. To protect this data, please call us at 450-265-3815 and speak directly to an agent responsible to complete your request for reservation.

Camping St-Polycarpe has no intention to collect the personal information of minors (as defined by applicable laws). In such cases, we invite a parent or guardian of the minor to contact us so that we may take the appropriate steps to remove the information.

5. Use of Information

Primarily, the information collected allows Camping St-Polycarpe to identify you, contact you, personalize our service and perform secure and efficient transactions. Camping St-Polycarpe reserves the right to use the information collected to conduct market research to better meet the needs of our clientele and to improve our products and services.

Camping St-Polycarpe will not sell your personal information to third parties, nor will it use or disclose your personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected.
Existing laws and regulations allow certain exceptions to Camping St-Polycarpe’s privacy Policy and the use of your personal information. These exceptions could influence privacy practices.

For example. Camping St-Polycarpe reserves the right to collect, use, or disclose your personal information in the following situations:

  1. a) If the collection of information is clearly in your best interest and your consent cannot be obtained in a timely manner;
  2. b) If the law considers that the information is in the public domain;
  3. c) If the information is disclosed to government entities in accordance with anti-money laundering and terrorist financing laws; OR
  4. d) In connection with tax returns filed with the appropriate authorities or other disclosures required by law.

6. Protecting Information

Camping St-Polycarpe applies physical, organizational, and technological security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, changes to or use of your personal information, and to protect you against loss or theft. Camping St-Polycarpe’s computer systems, including certain parts of the Site, are password protected and configured to ensure that only the individuals that must access your personal information for the purposes of their job are authorized to access Camping St-Polycarpe’s systems and secured databases.

7. Cookies and Social Media

To ensure proper Site management and optimize navigation, Camping St-Polycarpe collects standard data from internet log files, including your IP address, the name and language of your browser, the address and frequency of pages you’ve visited, including sites using different types of cookies and conversion tags. Camping St-Polycarpe cannot view your computer’s profile or extract information from your hard drive. The default settings of most browsers are set to accept cookies, but you can change the settings to block or limit their use.

Moreover, the Site includes functions related to social media. These functions may collect your IP address, record pages you visit on the Site, and leave cookies in order to complete their function. These functions and social media widgets are either hosted by a third party or directly on the Site. Your interactions with these functions are governed by the privacy policy of the company providing the function.

8. Questions and Access to Information

In accordance with the law, you are entitled to access, update, change or remove your personal information stored on file by Camping St-Polycarpe. To do so, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding the protection of your personal information, please contact Camping St-Polycarpe’s Customer Service department by e-mail at the following address:

9. Updates

We reserve the right to modify this Policy at any time. Any changes to the Policy will become effective when we post the revised version on our website. By continuing to interact with us after the revised version of the Policy is published, you accept the changes made. We therefore invite you to read this Policy regularly in order to remain informed of the way in which we process your personal information. The date at the bottom of the Policy indicates when it was last revised.

10. Languages

In case of any discrepancy between the French and English versions of this Policy, the French version shall prevail.

The Delegate: Carole Sabourin – Co-owner

Last update: February 22, 2024