Carole & Luc Sabourin

The Camping St-Polycarpe campground was founded sometime around 1970.  Over the years numerous owners have worked at growing the campground to what it is today.

Owning a campground has been a life time dream of mine, it took many years to convince my wife Carole to embark on this journey.  

Let me introduce myself, Luc Sabourin, I was brought up in a family of 14 children with hard-working parents who thought us that nothing comes easy in life if you want something you have to work for it.  This is my dream come true, it is a privilege for me to run this business.  We embarked on this journey in 2015.  During the first year of ownership Carole kept on working for the company she’d been working at for 37 years.  Working at both jobs for the first year made her realize that the 2nd job was a lot more fun then the first one, Carole decided to retire and focus on the administration of the campground.

Working side by side, as a team we continue to offer great services, bringing improvements every year while ensuring the happiness and pleasure of our campers.

We invite you to come and visit our campground and meet us personally along with our wonderful team of employees; it will be our pleasure to meet you.